Biodiversity conservation is emerging as one of the key topics in the sustainability debate, according to BBVA Research – BBVA

Coverage of sustainability in both social networks and the media has increased considerably since 2016, with Spain, France, and the U.S. as some of the countries with the greatest relative coverage internationally, the report states. The most prominent topics  have been climate change and biodiversity conservation.

According to Tomasa Rodrigo, “The data we have collected in our report confirms a growing interest in sustainability in society. We observe that social attention, and attention from the media, which was originally led by government administrations and NGOs, is now transcending the sphere of private society to the business world. This trend is rapidly accelerating,” he stressed.

In order to prepare the report, BBVA Research used sources such as global media outlets, analyzed debates in social networks, as well as social concerns through online search engines GDELT (Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone) and Media Cloud. They also used Google Trends to explore society’s concerns, showing the content related to sustainability that appears in searches. They also explored information from Twitter, which offers a very specific vision regarding opinions on this topic.

The Twitter analysis identifies innovation and the change in consumer habits as key issues to attain a “more sustainable world”. The transportation, fashion and food industries focus their efforts on being perceived as sustainable industries and are putting themselves in the center of the debate. Issues of a social nature, such as equality or assertion of rights also play an important role.