Cult experts issue warning about disturbing trend on TikTok: ‘It can become dangerous’ – Yahoo Sports

Cozy footage of a man jumping on muddy grass fades into a shot of a group of earthy hipsters playing instruments and reading together, which transitions to video of people painting and playing pool. 

It’s a gorgeous, rainy day in Tennessee. An enthusiastic, red-haired man known as @treeisalive invites you to join in on the low-key party. He even provides the address right then and there. 

This was the setting for a viral TikTok in February 2021, which introduced the world to The Garden — an off-grid, “intentional community.” The commune’s website describes the area as “a place to sprout, bloom, and grow in harmony with nature.”

Critics describe it as a cult.

What happened to The Garden?

Over the next few weeks, a number of creators emerged from the community with a steady following. At its peak in March, @treeisalive had 83,000 followers, @rocknrelmusic had 42,000 followers and @amillandbritt had 18,000 followers, according to Insider

The commune attracted people who said they don’t fit into mainstream society, per a 2018 Facebook post from the