Fashion trends that originated from other cultures – Los Angeles Times

It’s no secret that fashion trends come and go throughout the seasons. In an age of modern technology and social media, it’s even easier to blend different styles from around the world. So, how many of your favorite fashion trends came from other cultures?

Black culture

A quick swipe through your TikTok “for you page” leads you to see a beautiful girl with colorful stripes in her hair, an oversized t-shirt, wide-legged jeans and Jordan’s topped off with a bucket hat. Styles like this are now considered popular and trendy but before they became one of Generation Z’s staple outfits, they were a part of Black culture.

Bucket hats have been seen on the heads of many celebrities, influencers and fishermen! The bucket hat was invented to protect fishermen from the rain and was later adopted by the military in the 1940s. After being seen worn by LL Cool J and Rihanna, the bucket hat has become regarded as a wardrobe “must-have” and an easy way to spice up your outfit.

Oversized clothing has also become popular in the past months whether it be baggy jeans or large graphic t-shirts. They offer an effortlessly chic look, especially while staying at home. The oversized trend gained popularity during the hip-hop era back in the 1980s.

People from the Black community, including many families, wore oversized clothing. Their clothes were often second-hand from other family members to save money. Many hip-hop artists and rappers wear oversized clothing and have made it a big hit among