Men in Crop Tops is the Summer Trend We Deserve – CR Fashion Book

As society as a whole shifts to a fluid and vibrant post-pandemic style, a distinct focus on body conscious and experimental styles have worked itself into the male wardrobe — and yes, that includes crop tops.

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Stemming from athleticism and necessity, crop tops boomed during the ‘80s and ‘90s through an unlikely set of athletes, musicians, and actors. Making appearances in steamy Calvin Klein advertisements and blockbuster movies, the crop top exuded a sense of confidence and mobility that was synonymous with the era. Although the garment is considered as a traditionally feminine style for men to sport, it was originally the ultimate display of masculinity — with football players and track stars opting for the piece.

With perceptions of masculinity and aesthetics shifting over the past years, the garment quickly made its way out of men’s wardrobes in place of more subdued styles — skinny jeans, sleeveless shirts, and a sense of diminished layering. Though like every unmistakable garment, the crop top has slowly begun to work its way back into the popular style lexicon.


Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss for Calvin Klein