The anti-Marie Kondo trend that celebrates clutter – BBC News

The anti-Marie Kondo trend that celebrates clutter

(Image credit: The Apartment, Copenhagen)

(Credit: The Apartment, Copenhagen)

British PM Boris Johnson and his fiancée are among the many fans of maximalism. Bel Jacobs explores the rise of creative chaos at home, and why it makes us feel safe and cocooned.

“I’ve always been fascinated by all types of objects: toys, illustrated books, postcards, porcelain,” says Spanish artist Juanjo Fuentes, who is telling BBC Culture about his fantastical home in the historic centre of Malaga, in which almost every surface is covered by a joyous array of baubles and curios. “I get things from flea markets and I’ve always been the one keeping the family objects. And I’m very lucky because my friends offer me the objects that belonged to their relatives – they are more minimalist than I am,” he laughs.

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The rooms are filled with gorgeous abundance: light and pattern, inspiration for both the eye and the